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Alto Aviation Introduces Compatible Switch Panels

 - November 1, 2016, 5:00 PM

Audio and entertainment supplier Alto Aviation (Booth 2250) is introducing a new series of compatible modular switch panels that function without software. Named the Cadence Switch System (CSS), the Alto system provides flexible and customizable switches specifically designed to minimize installation costs. CSS is an expansion of Alto Aviation’s DECU keypad product offerings.

Kevin Hayes, Alto Aviation’s v-p of sales and marketing, explained, “The fundamental ability for Alto to design custom switches without changing its pre-engineered switch modules provides a tremendous competitive advantage. Alto can easily adapt a cover bezel for a fit-compatible solution to match any cutout without having to define a completely new switch design. The result is quicker lead times and a lower installation-cost alternative, since existing woodwork can be preserved.” 

The CSS features pre-defined harness configurations and universal overlay options. Vertical and horizontal orientations within the same assembly are available, and a final configured switch panel can consist of several modules placed together in the same bezel. The switch modules are available in sizes from one to six positions, as well as pre-defined headphone and other accessory modules.

The Cadence Switch System can fit compatibly with former CMS/IFE switch offerings, which may mean the new system can be installed without changing the woodwork. Alto Aviation’s panels also consist of a variety of controllers that manage load and temperature. A programmable eight-channel relay controller allows users to configure a system to meet requirements, while the temperature controller manages the cabin.

Separately, Alto is also announcing it now has a plug-and-play replacement digital audio upgrade for Embraer Executive Jets Legacy 600s that have the Alto’s entertainment equipment installed. Upgrading to digital amplifiers brings “amazing sound” according to Alto, and the new digital amplifiers slide right into the analog amps’ racks, making installation simple. Hayes said, “Our digital amplifiers with DSP technology provided an infinite band equalizer that allows us to customize the sound profile specific to the interior arrangement. An Alto audio engineer will tune the system to ensure maximum performance.”

Further, Alto recently completed a custom audio installation in a Bombardier Challenger 604 based in West Palm Beach, Fla. The system includes a half dozen mid-high speakers, a pair of subwoofers and the new Acapella Series DZ-290 amplifier, all optimized to deliver “an outstanding and powerful listening experience to all eight seats in the aircraft,” according to Alto.