Paris Air Show

Elixir Aims New Design at EASA-LSA Market

 - June 19, 2017, 8:57 AM
The all-composite Elixir is powered by a Rotax 912 engine of 100 hp.

Elixir Aircraft brought the prototype of its two-seat light airplane to the Paris Air Show (Static B4), after it received its final painting just before the opening of the show. The new airplane design was publicly unveiled at the Paris Salon two years ago. 

Based in Périgny, south-east of Paris, Elixir is aiming for EASA-LSA certification for the all-composite airplane, and the price is set at €150,000 ($168,000), excluding VAT

Performance projections promise a Vne of 172 knots, a maximum takeoff weight of 454 kg (1,200 pounds) and useful load of 280 kg (617 pounds). Baggage capacity is 25 kg (55 pounds). With a 29-gallon (110 liter) fuel capacity, the Elixir will have endurance of up to seven hours. Power is provided by a 100-hp Rotax 912iS, which drives an MT propeller. 

The Elixir’s low-wing airframe is made using a “one-shot” construction method, according to the company, eliminating rivets needed for metal construction or the bonding of components found in more traditional composites structures. The wing is optimized for stall avoidance, and the fuel tank features an “anti-deflagration” (explosion-preventive) design. A BRS whole-airplane parachute is installed for emergency situations. The tricycle landing gear is all oleo-pneumatic, and wheels and brakes are provided by France’s Beringer. 

Inside the cockpit, the avionics system is Garmin’s G3X, with VHF radios and transponder by Trig Avionics. A tablet dock is built into the cockpit to help pilots who prefer using mobile devices as electronic flight bags. Backup instruments include an airspeed indicator and altimeter. 

According to Elixir, “The adventure is amazing, we have been surrounded by experts in every domain, all driven by a common objective: build a safe, easy, comfortable and yet affordable certified aircraft. Our dream is coming to life.”