General Aviation

News and issues concerning general aviation, specifically airplanes and helicopters powered by piston and alternative engines (i.e., non-turbine powered aircraft). Subjects include aircraft, engines, personnel, acquisitions, accidents, safety, security and training.

Apr 13, 2016 - 5:15 AM
The Daytona Beach, Florida flight academy specializes in training student pilots from all over the world.
Apr 13, 2016 - 5:00 AM
The Guimbal Cabri G2 on display at ABACE belongs to X-Square Aviation, which plans to open a helicopter flight school.
Apr 12, 2016 - 7:00 AM
Frasca simulators span the range from light single-engine airplanes to helicopters and sophisticated business jets.
Oxai Aircraft M2
Apr 12, 2016 - 4:00 AM
The Shanghai-based company has been working on the M2 design for the past six years and expects to fly it in three months.
Apr 11, 2016 - 9:00 PM
Zetta Jet signed an agreement with Rockwell Collins to provide customers with Internet access via ArincDirect.
Apr 11, 2016 - 4:08 PM
The move by Icon Aircraft to control numerous aspects of ownership of its A5 amphibious airplane seems heavy handed to many industry watchers.
Apr 7, 2016 - 10:44 AM
New features include a flight destinations section, points of interest for pilots and an aircraft of the day feature.
Lancair Evolution in flight
Apr 7, 2016 - 10:08 AM
The Lycoming TEO-540-EXP iE2-powered Evolution can cruise comfortably above Flight Level 180 at 232 ktas for 1,800 nm.
Apr 7, 2016 - 9:43 AM
What is better than an all-expense paid trip to central Florida in spring, and a P-51 ride?
George Bye
Apr 6, 2016 - 2:15 PM
AEAC is betting on the efficiency of electric to be a game-changer for basic flight training aircraft.