Nextant 400XTi Returns to JetExpo

 - September 3, 2014, 9:45 AM
Nextant is back at JetExpo with its 400XTi remanufactured business jet. Local sales agent FortAero has been operating two examples on charter service for the past nine months.

Nextant Aerospace is back at JetExpo again this year with its 400XTi remanufactured business jet on the static display. Regional sales agent FortAero ordered two 400XTi aircraft at last year’s JetExpo event, and reports good results in charter operations since then. FortAero CEO Vadim Opryshko said, “After operating both aircraft for nine months and with over 800 hours flown, we are confident that the Nextant 400XTi is perfectly suited for this market.”

With 2,000 nautical miles’ (3,710-km) range, ForAero’s 400XTi charter trips have taken passengers to the Olympic games in Sochi and to remote Russian cities such as Khabarovsk. The aircraft have also visited Japan, the Maldives and South Korea. Opryshko reports that the charter trips have yielded some interest from potential buyers. Traditionally, said Nextant, light jets have not fared well in the region because of their limited range. But the 400XTi can connect Moscow with Tashkent, London or Nice with nonstop service.

Nextant, which is based in Cleveland, Ohio, also sees potential in the region for its developmental G90XT, a remanufactured Beech King Air re-engined with General Electric H 75 turboprops. Its performance on short runways and reputation for utility and reliability are seen as ideal qualities for serving Russia’s oil, gas and mining industries.