New Signature President Sastre Lays Out Her Goals

 - January 25, 2013, 7:04 AM
Signature president and COO Maria Sastre

At NBAA’s Schedulers & Dispatchers annual conference this week in San Antonio, AIN caught up with Maria Sastre, the recently promoted president of Signature Flight Support. Parent company BBA Aviation has restructured into two business divisions: aftermarket support including the company’s Dallas Airmotive and Ontic businesses, and flight support, which encompasses commercial aircraft ground service provider ASIG and the Signature Flight Support FBO network.

Former Signature president Michael Scheeringa was named head of BBA Flight Support; Sastre, Signature’s COO,  took on the additonal role of president of Signature Flight Support. She will be responsible for maintaining the service provider’s global brand oversight and for the way that it delivers services to its customers. “I bring a vision that’s very much focused on optimizing our growth strategy and ensuring that the customer-centricity of Signature continues to evolve,” she said. “We’ve done what I consider to be a very good job over the last three years of concentrating on three things in our business: our infrastructure, with significant capital investment in technology in our facilities; our people, with significant investment focusing on service delivery and training and our hiring standards; and our safety in operating as well as safety, health and security in terms of everything that we do within those disciplines.” Sastre said her goal is to continue to build upon that foundation to ensure that Signature maintains its place as a premium FBO network.

When asked about FBO market consolidation, Sastre said she believes the trend will continue due to what she describes as a generational issue. As the older owners of individual FBOs who have built up their businesses look to retire and can’t find a way to easily transfer the inheritance to their family members, they will look to sell their holdings. “We come across that a lot, so there’s going to be a natural evolution in the business that I believe will occur over the next five to ten years,” she said, noting her company is monitoring this situation with interest. “We’ve got resources to invest, the capital to expand, and strategy that involves growth so I think its natural. I can’t speak for Landmark or Atlantic, but I can certainly speak for Signature: that’s where we’re headed and we continue to be focused on that.”

Signature currently operates more than 100 locations worldwide.