NBAA Preps for Milestone Schedulers & Dispatchers Show

 - January 9, 2014, 2:25 PM

As the 25th annual NBAA’s Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference kicks off in New Orleans on Tuesday, organizers anticipate setting a new record for exhibitors at approximately 500. This would eclipse the 425 airports, FBOs, fuel suppliers and other companies that displayed their services at last year’s event, which was held in San Antonio.

Commonly referred to as simply “S&D,” the confab is the industry’s premier event for flight planners and flight department managers. This year’s conference at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center features a slate of 29 education sessions aimed at helping attendees in their roles supporting flight departments, ranging from “Personal Safety for the Traveling Professional,” to “Get Ready for a New FBO Business Model.”

This year’s theme is “Take the Lead,” and the conference’s opening general session Wednesday morning will feature noted CEO, entrepreneur and leadership consultant Betty Shotton as keynote speaker.

For the fourth consecutive year, the show’s organizing committee is inviting attendees to donate “gently used” business attire at registration, which will be presented through its “Pay it Forward” program to local area charities. Conference organizers expect to host more than 2,500 visitors at the event, which runs through Friday.


Wonder if fatigue will be discussed with schedulers and dispatchers meeting or the new REM sleep wrist monitor like the new Basis for $199 at Amazon or ?  I was a corporate pilot and hospital pilot but had no time and duty restrictions or when rules flying for NBAA members even though I had time and duty rules when flying as a Part 121 Captain. Typically an aircaft owner or CEO will want the company plane to be available 24/7 so pilots have to be available 24/7. Ever wonder why there are so many snooze rooms for corporate pilots in FBOs? Ever wonder why so many corporate pilots try to snooze every chance they get? Ever head of REM sleep that typically can't be obtained in a snooze room? I was a hopsital pilot and was fired for objecting to being ON CALL + ON DUTY for 24-32 hours straight with no rest. After last long 31 hours day, I was off for a few days and then fired but the other pilot flying with me went home for 4 hours and returned to fly more trips with onky 4 hours rest after a 31 hour period with no sleep. Hospital dispatcher was not a FAA licensed dispatcher so he did not know the FAA pilot rest rules. I recently talked to a newly hired hospital dispatcher who is a laid off USAirways FAA licensed dispatcher and he said he does not care about pilot rest rules when he dispatches hospital pilots because he is not required to use his FAA dispatcher license to dspatch hospital pilots even though hospital pilots are flying under Part 135 rules that require pilots meet FAA pilot rest rules. This hospital dispatcher is willing to encourage pilots to violate FAA pilot rest rules by dispatching pilots he knows do not meet FAA pilot rest rules. FAA and DOT Office of Inspector General were told of the pilot rest violations at hospital but took no action to stop pilot rest violations allegedly because hospital has political connections and lobbyists that can cause any local FAA inspector to be fired and lose their retirement, health insurance and salary so the local FAA office turns a Blind Eye to hospital pilot rest violations encouraged and enticed by hospital dispatchers.   

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