Following Randy Babbitts' resignation as FAA Administrator, who should be the next Administrator?

 - December 10, 2011, 10:45 AM


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The FAA is looking for a new Administrator. A great candidate would be someone with an intimate knowledge of the air transport system of America. Perhaps someone who understands manufacturing (Commercial/ General Aviation). That person should be someone who has worked as a business person with national and international companies. Someone who themselves are pilots, and have seen the medical, administrative issues at the agency. This person would need to be someone who is comfortable in a public speaking roll. Someone that wants to move our system forward in new technologies ie; Next Gen ATC, Aero med, TSA. An excellent administrator would work with airlines/GA simultaneously. Someone who has a good heart, and can get along with both sides of the aisle, someone who is not afraid to speak the truth on the hill, or oval office. Mr Pelton fits these gates.

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Nominee should have a business background, large and small aircraft orientation and experienced in the slow pace of government movement owed to it's accountability administration.

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I think Rush Limbaugh would make a good administrator, since he is an excellent speaker and commentator. He has used Jet charter operators, operating under part 135 as well as being an aircraft owner himself.

I haven't been empressed with any of the last administrators so we might as well have someone that can keep us informed on whats going on in the FAA and is not a dull person to listen to.

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