November 26, 2014, 1:48 PM

Opponents Dispute Norwegian Air's U.S. Permit Application

Opponents of the Norwegian Air International application for a foreign air carrier permit to operate to the U.S. have found support in Congress.

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Oct 11, 2007 - 6:00 AM
• Elliott Aviation held a grand opening last month celebrating its new $6 million completion center at Quad City Airport in Moline, Ill.
Oct 11, 2007 - 5:59 AM
• Europe’s Joint Aviation Authorities is poised to approve single-engine IFR (SEIFR) commercial operations in turbine singles.
Oct 11, 2007 - 5:58 AM
• Operations on the new fifth runway at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport began on February 20.
Oct 11, 2007 - 5:57 AM
• Goodrich accepted terms of a licensing agreement with Honeywell to settle a lawsuit in which Honeywell claimed that Goodrich infringed on EGPWS patents.
Oct 11, 2007 - 5:56 AM
• Sen.
Oct 11, 2007 - 5:54 AM
• The Hellenic Air Force was expected to take delivery in late February or early March of a new Gulfstream V contracted for in late March last year.
Oct 11, 2007 - 5:44 AM
In a move that appeared to bring Raytheon a step closer to concluding its intention to take control of the operations of fractional jet provider Flight Opt
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Continuing “challenges” involving the assembly of the first Boeing 787 prototype have forced the company to delay first flight and certification by at leas
Oct 10, 2007 - 11:31 AM
<b>ROCKWELL AERO COMMANDER 690B, HOMERVILLE, GA., MARCH 27, 2003</b>–An in-flight encounter with unforecast severe turbulence resulted in the design limits