Aviation International News » April 2006

October 11, 2006 - 9:05am

Fifteen years ago, one of my first assignments for AIN was to travel to the NATA Convention in Las Vegas. (You are now reading one of my last assignments.) The schedule called for me to arrive in Glitter Gulch on Friday, April 5, 1991, for the final day of the convention.

September 25, 2006 - 5:42am

John Reimers was named president and CEO of Aviation Partners Boeing. He was most recently chairman and CEO of Compass Aerospace.

September 25, 2006 - 5:24am

Several leadership changes, including two U.S. appointments, have recently been made at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Montreal-based group that provides recommendations and standards intended to be followed by its 189 member countries.

September 25, 2006 - 5:21am

Joseph Hawkins, an assistant professor of aerospace at Middle Tennessee State University, was named National Aviation Maintenance Technician of the year for 2006. Hawkins has been an A&P technician since 1979 and has held FAA Inspection Authorization since 1991.

September 25, 2006 - 5:16am

Hugh Boyd, Chevron’s chief pilot, died in a snowmobiling accident in February. He was a corporate pilot for 30 years.

September 22, 2006 - 11:53am

Beech King Air 200, Green Bay, Wis., June 30, 2004–The accident was caused by the loss of engine power for an undetermined reason and the pilot’s premature retraction of the landing gear after takeoff, said the Safety Board.

September 22, 2006 - 11:50am

Eurocopter BO 105 CBS5, Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., Oct. 20, 2004–The NTSB blamed the helicopter accident on the pilot’s spatial disorientation and in-flight loss of control after encountering night IMC. A factor was the pilot’s decision to fly when IMC was forecast.

September 22, 2006 - 11:48am

Beech King Air 90, Rawlins, Wyo., Jan. 11, 2005–The NTSB said the air ambulance accident was caused by “the pilot’s inadvertent flight into adverse weather [severe icing] conditions, resulting in an aerodynamic stall.” A contributing factor was the pilot’s inadequate planning for the forecast icing.

September 22, 2006 - 11:47am

Bell 206L LongRanger, New York, N.Y., June 14, 2005–The NTSB blamed the crash of the Helicopter Professionals LongRanger on “the pilot’s inadequate preflight planning, which resulted in an attempted takeoff with an overweight helicopter and subsequent impact with a pier and water.” According to the Safety Board, a high ambient temperature and unfavorable wind were factors in the crash, which all the occupants survived.

September 22, 2006 - 5:04am

Bell 206L LongRanger, Chesterfield, Ind., Feb. 2, 2006–The EMS LongRanger, operated by Petroleum Helicopters (PHI) of Lafayette, La., was destroyed when it hit trees, wires and houses while maneuvering in IMC near Chesterfield. It was en route to pick up a patient at a Kokomo, Ind. hospital. The pilot, flight nurse and paramedic were seriously injured.