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December 2, 2011 - 1:50am
Canada’s TSB is calling for enforcement of the existing 30-minute “run dry”

Although Sikorsky is developing a new main gearbox to solve the problems that have plagued the S-92 over the course of its service life, the new transmission will not be able to run for 30 minutes after a total loss of lubrication.

December 2, 2011 - 1:15am

Not without reason, China continues to dominate expectations for business aviation growth in Asia, but the continent as a whole presents a vast if complex opportunity for the industry.

December 2, 2011 - 12:50am

Because of great strides in aviation technology, the FAA has issued a final rule that will require function-and-reliability (F&R) flight testing for all turbine-powered airplanes weighing 6,000 pounds or less, beginn

December 2, 2011 - 12:10am
NextGen 2018

As most followers of the FAA’s NextGen program know, the backbone of the whole thing will be the en route advanced modernization (Eram) system. Eram is a big project with a $2.15 billion price tag, and it is planned to replace today’s Host upper-airspace computer network, which has supported the NAS for close to 40 years.

December 1, 2011 - 5:35pm
Sierra Industries’ Garmin G1000 package replaces the Citation 501/501SP’s origin

One of the aircraft parked at the NBAA static display at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the NBAA Convention in October was a highly modified Cessna Citation 501SP.

December 1, 2011 - 2:20pm
The debate about whether commercial pilots update databases might be moot, as se

The FAA is seeking comments on a proposed rule change that will allow pilots flying under commercial operating regulations to update navigation system databases, an action currently allowed only for Part 91 pilots. Comments on the notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) are due December 19. (See Docket No.

December 1, 2011 - 5:55am

The battle over leaded avgas in California took a turn against a coalition of associations representing users, distributors and producers of avgas on October 19 when a U.S. District Court judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by the coalition in an attempt to halt legal action against

December 1, 2011 - 4:55am
Hawker Beechcraft 900XP in production.

Hard on the heels of a lackluster third-quarter earnings announcement on November 1, Hawker Beechcraft gave notice of yet another round of layoffs on November 4.

December 1, 2011 - 4:10am
AIN Aviation Finance Special Report

Uncertainty. It’s a word that packs a lot of fear and indecision into four syllables, and one that has continued to burden not only the U.S. economy but that of the world as well.

December 1, 2011 - 3:40am
Air Europa

Tough cost battles in the market segment where regional airlines and low-cost carriers converge are driving demand for Embraer’s E-Jet series, according to the Brazilian airframer.