February 2006 Aviation International News

Sep 25, 2006 - 6:40 AM
At a public hearing last month, the NTSB singled out allegedly less safe Part 91 operations in a special study on helicopter and fixed-wing EMS accidents.
Sep 25, 2006 - 6:38 AM
A 27-percent increase in orders to 121 aircraft last year, compared with orders for 95 aircraft in 2004, and a further expected increase in sales is prompt
Sep 25, 2006 - 6:37 AM
In the first fatal U.S.
Sep 25, 2006 - 6:36 AM
The NTSB last month issued its final report on the Oct.
Sep 25, 2006 - 6:34 AM
Four reported incidents of in-flight loss of hydraulic fluid led to an emergency AD for 139 Premier Is.
Sep 25, 2006 - 6:33 AM
A pilot has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges following an accident in Hawaii last September that killed three passengers.
Sep 25, 2006 - 6:17 AM
More detailed reporting of top executive compensation, including such perquisites as personal use of corporate aircraft, is the aim of new proposals from t
Sep 25, 2006 - 6:11 AM
Starting February 1, owners and operators of aircraft with “questionable registrations and/or no TSA required security measures/ waivers” might be denied a
Sep 25, 2006 - 6:07 AM
A plan implemented last year to offset the city and county tax burden on airplane owners at Pitt-Greenville (N.C.) Airport has attracted more aircraft owne
Sep 25, 2006 - 6:04 AM
The French engine manufacturer Snecma plans to develop an all-new engine to power new business and regional jets, the company announced last month.