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January 8, 2008 - 5:36am

Two more facilities in Europe have been designated by Bombardier as approved service centers. Berlin-based Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services (LBAS) recently started providing factory service for Learjet 60s and Challengers from the Jet Connection Business Flight hangar at Rhein-Main Airport in Frankfurt, Germany. Challenger operators may now also choose to take their aircraft to Metro Business Aviation at London Stansted Airport.

January 8, 2008 - 5:35am

Nav Canada’s declining revenue, which resulted from reduced traffic volume over the last year as a consequence of the slowing economy and 9/11, has forced the operator of Canada’s ATC system to enact a 3-percent, across-the-board increase in service charges for general aviation operators and the airlines. The increased fees are effective January 1 for the airlines and business-jet operators.

January 8, 2008 - 5:32am

Weakening sales leading to a reduction in Citation production levels this year are forcing Cessna to cut some 1,500 jobs in Wichita early this year, said company officials. Although Cessna was expected to deliver about 300 Citations last year, just six short of its 2001 total, it recently revised its delivery estimate for this year to about 250 business jets. Cessna, which employs 12,000 people worldwide, cut 800 jobs last year.

January 8, 2008 - 5:30am

The FAA has extended the deadline from June 6, 2004, to Dec. 6, 2004, for Part 121 operators, including regional carriers, to comply with rules adopted in May 2001 that require airplane manufacturers and operators to change the way airplane fuel tanks are designed, maintained and operated. The rules are aimed at minimizing the potential for failures that could create ignition sources in fuel tanks on new and existing airplanes.

January 8, 2008 - 5:26am

Although the new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is among the 22 separate government agencies that will become part of the new Department of Homeland Security, the TSA is expected to remain intact for at least two years.

January 7, 2008 - 12:19pm

The FAA, in collaboration with the AOPA Air Safety Foundation, recently updated and reprinted its popular guidelines on icing.

January 7, 2008 - 11:32am

On December 14 the Potomac Consolidated Tracon began operation. The new facility consolidates five former existing Tracons and allows the FAA to redesign the airspace in this area for “more efficient, direct flight routings,” according to the agency. When the consolidation is complete, the Potomac Tracon will have about 300 employees, who will handle about 5,000 flights a day in 23,000 sq mi of airspace covering parts of five states.

January 7, 2008 - 11:20am

Million Air at Salt Lake City International Airport was scheduled to have completed last month 30,000 sq ft of additional heated hangar space for business aircraft. Combined with pre-existing hangars, the new structure will provide Million Air SLC’s tenants and transient customers with a total heated hangar space of 170,000 sq ft.

January 7, 2008 - 11:06am

Two Raytheon-hired contract pilots and a potential buyer were killed when their Beech 1900C on a sales demo flight crashed December 9 in mountainous terrain near Eagleton, Ark. At press time, investigators had no clue as to what caused the crash of the 1990 twin turboprop, N127YV, registered to Raytheon Aircraft Credit. The flight had taken off from Wichita at 10:30 a.m., about an hour before the accident.

January 7, 2008 - 11:02am

A proposed noise-compatibility program for Philadelphia International Airport has been sent to the FAA for review. The program, being formulated under FAR Part 150, is scheduled to be approved or disapproved no later than May 20. Comments may be submitted until January 30. For more information, contact the FAA’s James Byers at (717) 730-2833.