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December 19, 2007 - 12:33pm

Ralph Vasami is the new president of Universal Weather & Aviation. He is responsible for the company’s daily business operations and for implementing future business strategies. Greg Evans retains the CEO position.

December 19, 2007 - 12:15pm

RAYTHEON BEECH 400A, BALTIMORE, MD., MAY 1, 2002–Beechjet N498CW, a fractionally owned and operated airplane managed by Flight Options, was substantially damaged during a landing overrun at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. No injuries were reported. The NTSB blamed the captain’s failure to go around.

December 19, 2007 - 12:12pm

BEECHCRAFT KING AIR B200, LEOMINSTER, MASS., APRIL 4, 2003–The NTSB determined that the pilot’s low-altitude maneuver with an excessive bank angle and his failure to maintain airspeed, which resulted in an inadvertent stall and subsequent crash into a building, caused the loss of King Air N257CG.

December 19, 2007 - 12:10pm

RAYTHEON BEECH 1900D, ALBANY, N.Y., OCT. 16, 2003–During the takeoff roll of a Beech 1900, operated by CommutAir as Continental Connection Flight 8718, the flight crew was unable to rotate the airplane and aborted the takeoff uneventfully. Examination revealed that when the elevator trim wheel in the cockpit was positioned to neutral, the elevator trim was actually in the full nose-down position.

December 19, 2007 - 12:08pm

MITSUBISHI MU-2B-35, CAROLINA, PUERTO RICO, APRIL 15, 2002–Experiencing a loss of control while orbiting, Mitsubishi N45BS crashed into an automobile service facility near Carolina, Puerto Rico, at 3:03 p.m. IMC prevailed and no flight plan was filed for the Part 91 positioning flight from Rohlsen Airport (TISX), St. Croix, Virgin Islands, to Marin Airport (TJSJ), San Juan, Puerto Rico.

December 19, 2007 - 12:06pm

LOCKHEED 1329-23E JETSTAR, HOUSTON, TEXAS, MAY 15, 2004–JetStar N57NR sustained minor damage when the left flap assembly detached while the airplane was on approach to Hobby Airport. The airplane was operated by Aircraft Trading Center of Tequesta, Fla. The two ATP pilots and two passengers were not injured.

December 19, 2007 - 12:04pm

GATES LEARJET 25B, COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO., SEPT. 4, 2004–Both tires blew when Learjet N47MR was taking off from Colorado Springs Airport. The Part 135 Lifeguard flight was flown by an ATP pilot. The airplane was substantially damaged but none of the four people on board was injured.

December 19, 2007 - 11:56am

What began as a straightforward interim final rule on alien flight training has caused heartburn at some general aviation groups. But the Transportation Security Administration refused to delay the October 20 start date for the rules that address aircraft weighing 12,500 pounds or less.

December 19, 2007 - 11:52am

• With many eyes focused on the Presidential election date, both houses of Congress worked diligently on such agenda items as tax cuts, disaster relief, counter-terrorism measures and so on so that they could recess on or about October 8 for legislators to hit the campaign trails. How Congressional elections go will affect Senate and House party majorities and, therefore, who will chair various committees.

December 19, 2007 - 11:49am

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association accused the FAA of dragging its feet on deploying ASDE-X, which provides controllers with an all-weather, seamless airport surface surveillance system. It uses radar and a process of determining a target location in two or three dimensions called multilateration.