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November 5, 2007 - 9:10am

Bell and Eurocopter posted large orders at the recent Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) held in Tampa, Fla., in September, selling a combined 50 helicopters. Bell received orders for 27, while Eurocopter sold 23.
Bell wrote orders for sixteen 206L-4 LongRangers from Air Evac Services,

November 5, 2007 - 9:08am

PremiAir has introduced “first-come, first-served” rationed slots for access to the London Heliport after increased landing fees failed to control rising demand at the movements-restricted site. The facility–formerly known as Battersea and managed by PremiAir for its parent group, von Essen Hotels–is limited to 12,000 movements per year.

November 5, 2007 - 9:06am

The latest market projection for the civil helicopter market: red-hot. For the OEMs, it means big delivery backlogs, which translates to waiting times of up to four or five years for customers. While the demand for medevac and offshore support rotorcraft is accelerating, the popularity of executive helicopters is also on the rise as urban surface traffic grows ever worse.

November 5, 2007 - 9:03am

Eurocopter last month announced that its EC 225 Super Puma firefighting system is undergoing a certification process, with deliveries pegged to start next year. The main component of the retrofittable system is a flexible 4,000-liter (1,060 U.S. gallon) tank attached to the cabin floor. The system also includes a water scoop and jettison kit. It can be installed or removed in 20 minutes, according to Eurocopter.

November 5, 2007 - 9:02am

Eurocopter has received from the Austrian Ministry of Interior an order for eight EC 135 P2is. The “P” in the designation indicates the engines are Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206s. Deliveries of the police-configured helicopters will take place between next March and May 2009. The last four aircraft will be equipped with forward-looking infrared cameras and searchlights.

November 5, 2007 - 9:00am

Brazilian-based Synergy Aerospace has ordered 12 AgustaWestland helicopters, including AW109 Powers, Grands and AW139s. They will be used in corporate, executive and offshore transport. The contract is part of a 2006 framework agreement. Meanwhile, Spanish marine safety agency Sasemar has ordered two additional AW139s in search-and-rescue (SAR) configuration, to be used for SAR and water-pollution detection.

November 5, 2007 - 8:56am

Chelton Flight Systems’ air data and attitude heading reference system (ADAHRS) has been added as an approved sensor on the FlightLogic EFIS supplemental type certificate (STC) for the Bell 206 and 407. Chelton’s ADAHRS is designed for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. The system interprets information from the pitot-static system and an outside air temperature probe to generate altitude, vertical speed, airspeed and air temperature.

November 5, 2007 - 8:54am

The FAA has approved instrument approaches and feeder routes to California Shock/Trauma Air Rescue’s (Calstar) hospital in Gilroy, Calif., developed by Hickok & Associates. Hickok also provided Calstar with the first coded helicopter obstacle departure procedures (ODP). Calstar has been using the new approaches, routes and procedures operationally under IFR conditions. Hickok subsequently designed four other coded ODPs for CareFlite.

November 5, 2007 - 8:52am

The U.S. Coast Guard’s fleet of 96 Eurocopter HH-65 Dolphin helicopters surpassed one million flight hours on September 20. The USCG first acquired the twin-engine HH-65 in 1985 and uses the helicopters for patrol, law enforcement, armed interdiction and rescue missions throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean from 17 land bases and aboard ships. The HH-65 is a variant of the Eurocopter AS 365 Dauphin.

November 5, 2007 - 8:46am

Small but noteworthy helicopter equipment manufacturers found a suitable showcase for their products at Helitech 2007 in Duxford, England, early last month. Big OEMs Agusta-Westland, Bell, Enstrom, Eurocopter, MD Helicopters, Robinson and Sikor- sky (along with accompanying subsidiary Schweizer) were either present or represented, and they had sales to announce.