Aviation International News » November 2008

November 3, 2008 - 5:16am

Authorities say VFR flight into IMC appears the culprit in a spectacular pre-dawn helicopter crash in late September. Both pilot and passenger were killed when their Robinson R44 II crashed through the roof of a home on approach to Kenosha Airport, Wis. September 21 at 5:30 a.m. The aircraft sliced through the roof, fell down the stairway of the two-story home, exited the front door, and ended up on a neighbor’s driveway.

November 3, 2008 - 4:45am

Bristow Helicopters has unveiled plans for new European headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland. The building at Kirkhill Commercial Park at Dyce Airport includes 12,000 sq ft of office space, 6,000 sq ft of classrooms and 11,500 sq ft available for up to four flight simulators. Two new simulators, one for the Eurocopter EC 225 and one for the Sikorsky S-92, will be installed during the construction phase.

October 31, 2008 - 11:45am

Eight oil companies have joined forces to conduct a $1 million helicopter safety study on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) over the next three years. The project, which focuses on the 2000-2010 period, will be carried out by the Sintef research foundation in Trondheim. In the 1990s, the accident risk corresponded to 2.3 fatalities per million occupant-hours flown.

October 31, 2008 - 11:44am

Belize City-based Astrum Helicopters in September received its air operator certificate (AOC). The company claims it is the first AOC issued under a new regulation. Founded in 2004, Astrum also said it is the first company to offer commercial helicopter services in the Central American country. Its four- or six-passenger Bell 206s fly mainly between Belize City, local airports and private heliports.

October 31, 2008 - 11:42am

Universal Avionics last month introduced a cockpit voice and flight data recorder (CVFDR) with internal recorder independent power supply (Rips). The CVFDR records up to 25 hours of flight data and 120 minutes of datalink messages.

October 31, 2008 - 11:40am

Satcom system maker TrueNorth Avionics last month introduced a two-channel airborne telephone system for the cabin called Simphone Prelude that is designed for installation in light jets and turboprops. It is based on Simphone equipment for large jets and features the company’s ClearCall technology, menu-driven handsets and all-digital architecture.

October 31, 2008 - 11:33am

A September ICAO NextGen/Sesar Forum in Montreal underscored the fact that the U.S. and Europe are following different paths to a future air traffic management system. Officials managing the FAA’s NextGen and Europe’s Sesar–for Single European Sky ATM Research–agree that by 2025 traffic is expected to double, and maybe even triple, and that today’s control systems will not be able to handle the increase.

October 31, 2008 - 11:29am

Embraer has selected the Kollsman enhanced-vision system II (EVS II) from Elbit Systems of America for the Lineage 1000.

October 31, 2008 - 11:27am

Lufthansa Technik’s latest innovation in business jet cabin “infotainment” is called Niceview, an upgrade that takes the venerable moving-map display into a new dimension–3-D, that is.

October 31, 2008 - 11:08am

Since the Transportation Security Administration released its plans for a Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP), business aviation providers and pilots have reacted swiftly and vociferously. Reaction to the proposed regulation runs the gamut from strident opposition to resigned acceptance for what operators view as unwarranted governmental meddling in the functioning of the industry.