News about simulators and training procedures.

May 20, 2016 - 9:42 AM
King Schools will host the VisionSafe EVAS training course on the King iLearn online learning platform.
May 20, 2016 - 5:08 AM
Tool allows iPreFlight users to enter temporary obstacles at known locations for inclusion in runway analysis performance calculations.
May 20, 2016 - 4:30 AM
The new Honeywell Flight Preview app for the iPad allows pilots to become familiar with the airport environment.
May 19, 2016 - 11:06 AM
Agency widens the use of aviation traning devices for maintaining instrument currency and recent experience requirements.
May 10, 2016 - 12:20 PM
The training helicopter has the same airframe, rotor system and Lycoming O-540-F1B5 as the R44 Raven I, but the Cadet’s rear seats are removed.
May 3, 2016 - 10:23 PM
Business aviation maintenance managers share tips and tricks at the 2016 NBAA Maintenance Management Conference.
Apr 20, 2016 - 3:51 PM
The 777X is among several recent awards the relatively new unit has secured in a competitive training market.
Apr 20, 2016 - 11:35 AM
PTT is part of aircraft management and charter group Naljets.
Apr 13, 2016 - 5:45 AM
Saudi-based trip planner has signed an MoU to start a training joint venture in China.
Apr 13, 2016 - 5:15 AM
The Daytona Beach, Florida flight academy specializes in training student pilots from all over the world.