Clay Lacy To Get Howard Hughes Award

 - January 26, 2012, 3:10 PM

Clay Lacy will be honored by the Aero Club of Southern California with its Howard Hughes Memorial Award on February 8. Famed test and aerobatic pilot Bob Hoover will present the award in recognition of Lacy’s achievements spanning some six decades. An airline captain, experimental test pilot, air race champion, aviation record-setter, aerial cinematographer and entrepreneur, “Lacy has accumulated more hours flying jets than anyone on Earth and is widely credited with revolutionizing the business aviation and aerial photography industries,” the group noted.


The cmpany I work for used his services. At the time I did not know that he had been at United or the fact that he was a SCAB. Afterwords, while speaking with him on the phone I asked him if knew my father, he did not.

He mentioned that he had a great career and UAL and was never furloughed. I told him that my father had the same career, Dad just had a couple of srikes to get through. I then told him one of my favorite storys, when the 85 strike ballet was sent out my father told me to vote. "this does not affect my career, it affects yours". Having been raised a UAL ALPA brat, he knew I would do the right thing. I voted to strike, handed him the ballet back and said "my father is no SCAB". This is what I told Clay. Thought Dad was going to cough up a lung when I told what I said to Clay.

John Tebron,

FYI, I retired at age 60 and wasn't too crazy about raising the retirement age.
Captain McClintock very eloquently described the Frontier debacle.
If you haven't noticed we live a country that is very pro business and anti union. Although no one complains about all the safety, security and niceties unions have brought to the working class and everyone else.
ALPA is what its membership can support and brings to the table. Post 9/11 world was not a labor friendly era.
They have made some mistakes. Unfortunately majority of airline pilots still vote against their own best interests and support the party that despises their existence!

Captain Ross "Rusty" Aimer
UAL Ret.
(And, yes once you have achieved this honor you can always proudly proclaim it!)

Thank you Captain.

There have been a few comments observing that UAL ALPA contributed to the financial problems of the Carrier and even suggesting that the 1985 Strike was some kind of at attempt to squeeze more money out of United for less work.

I wasn't around United until 1986. I am an old Pan Am guy who came aboard when UAL purchased the Pacific Division. I was treated not only fairly but very well by both the Company and by my fellow Pilots.

After I had been at UAL long enough to understand the issues surrounding the 1985 Strike I found myself wishing that I had been around to stand on the Line with the "Classic" UAL Pilots. They weren't just protecting the United Pilots- they were protecting the Profession.

When I came over to UAL I retained my Pan Am Date of Hire. I'm not saying that tthis wasn't partially the result of some tough negotiations, but the fact remains that- in these times when airlines flourish and die almost monthly- one of the strongest arguments for belonging to a National Union would be the right to continue to fly the routes you have spent your life building at a level of compensation commensurate with your time in the Profession.

I guess that will never happen again. I really can't blame the U.S. Air Pilots if they are thinking pay bAAck time for the bunch who has treated the Pilots from their acquired Carriers the shabbiest in the industry!

I guess I'm off the Clay Lacy thread- just want to say that I never had the "pleasure" of meeting the Gentleman but I've heard all the stories from people I trust.

It wasn't just that he was a Scab!

As a student of the life of Howard Hughes, I have always been fascinated by the contributions he made to aviation and technology.
Howard Hughes was the definition of a true American Capitalist visionary, Howard Hughes actually designed and BUILT aircraft and technology systems for a wide range of industries…He wasn’t in the business of using his money to make more money. He contributed to society by employing and empowering thousands and thousands of citizens here in the United States.
The most depressing and sad chapter of Howard Hughes’ life was during the time he hired a group of Mormon aids (Howard suffered form OCD and addiction to medication after a near fatal aircraft accident in the late 1940s) to attend to his personal needs…The leader of this group of Mormons was Mr. Frank William “Bill” Gay…Mr. Hughes hired these Mormons simply because he had heard the Mormons were trustworthy individuals….
After years of tending to Mr. Hughes, the Mormons led by Frank Gay, purposely alienated Mr. Hughes from his most trusted financial advisors (including Hughes’ well respected assistant Bill Maheu) and worked their way “into control of the money” …When Howard Hughes died in 1976, doctors discovered he was malnourished and there were 5 hypodermic needles found inside of his body, a result of gross negligence…

So where did Mitt Romney’s money originate from? Frank Gay’s son was the founder of Bain Capital.
Howard Hughes built industry in the United States, Howard Hughes’ money created jobs in the United States….So when Obama says “people didn’t create that wealth”…I’m starting to believe he’s correct in this instance…
Do your own research, and you’ll find these dots connect easily…

He'll always be known as 'Super Scab' to me...


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