Flight Bags Bring a Touch of Cozy Luxury to the Cabin

 - August 5, 2014, 4:15 AM
New flight bags developed by Urma Textiles feature blankets, socks and eye masks made from baby alpaca wool.

Former flight attendant Kimberley Mason is seeking to bring an extra level of comfort to private jet passengers with the launch of a new flight bag developed by her UK-based company, Urma Textiles. Each flight bag contains a blanket, socks and eye mask made from exceptionally soft and luxurious baby alpaca wool and can be customized for each client with individual colors, stitching and logos.

“When I was flying [for a small private operator] I was amazed how difficult it was to source matching soft furnishings for the jets for which I was responsible,” Mason told AIN. “Sourcing blankets, eye masks and flight socks was impossible. You either had to order a large amount and wait for months–not practical for a small operation–or source downroute while on duty. And what was available was neither comfortable nor beautiful and, for sure, it was not consistent.”

There is no minimum order requirement for the $675 flight bags and each order is specially prepared by Urma to meet the preferences of the operator or individual passenger. “It’s important that each client receives not only a luxury product, but a product that reflects the company and the company’s personality,” said Mason.

Urma is based at Manchester Airport in the northwest of England. At the same location, Mason also runs a private aviation catering business called Gast Maison, delivering food to airports across the region.


The flight kit designed by Ms. Mason is very appealing. In particular, this product is well suited for customers who tend to use private jets for long distance flights such as transcon, US-Europe, Europe-Asoa, or Middle East-Asia.

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