Air Charter Safety Foundation Receives ASAP Approval

 - April 30, 2012, 4:05 PM

FAA approval’s of the Alexandria Va.-based Air Charter Safety Foundation as an Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) manager last week set the stagefor a demonstration of the foundation’s new reporting system for on-demand charter operators.

ASAP allows employees of participating air carriers to personally report safety issues to management and the FAA, without fear that the information might be used to prosecute the reporter. Air-charter companies may not use the information against their employees.

The FAA’s current Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) allows safety reporters to remain anonymous. Two Minneapolis area charter provider companies will begin demonstrating ASAP under the guidance of the FAA’s Minneapolis FSDO.


Nice post about air charter safety measures which is important in this competitive world. Passenger's safety air charter companies priority .

Glad to see that the aviation industry, especially when it comes to the likes of private jets are continually improving their safety measures. The passengers safety should always come first, especially considering that I will be starting to travel private for my work in the near future. I was a little apprehensive but after having a look around the web, It seems not only safe but incredibly service orientated.

Thank you for the link to the Air Charter Safety Foundation, It's good to know such an organization exists within the Industry. I'll be having a pretty thorough read over their website. Overall an informative article Robert, my gratitude.

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