As a whole, which U.S. political party do you think supports the aviation industry the most?

 - August 31, 2012, 4:30 PM


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Vote. Please vote. (Mitt)

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Vote Romney/ Ryan

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Vote straight republican. The democrats are killing us middle class folks here in Maryland. The governor is out of control and will not stop spending the people's money. People are moving out of Maryland because of this. It's a fact! When you tell everyone what's going the dem supporters make hateful comments. I vote best policy not party.

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It is no surprise that most people here will go republican. The aviation industry is rather conservative it seems. However, when people say vote for Mitt Romney they are ignoring a very crucial thing, its government. Its always been this way and it will probably never change. Obama hasn't made things worse, because he doesn't have that much power to change things anyway. How a millionaire, son of a millionaire, who knows nothing about aviation is going to somehow fix the industry is beyond me. Aviation is a private industry; it is not subsidized (most isn't anyway). On top of that, the U.S. is far more lax on regulations than Europe is, yet Airbus outsold Boeing. The Industry has been coasting for years, monetizing on the developments of a long gone culture of innovation. But times have changed and the rest of the world is waking up and catching up. On almost a daily basis, I see new technologies coming out of Europe. Solar powered this, Battery powered that etc. In fact most, of the new light sport aviation market is composed of European airplanes. For far too long its been about reducing fuel consumption. Improve a little bit here and there, perhaps add a wing let or two and we have a new model of airplane. To think that a new administration would change this is naive.

As a kid I would go to the local airport and everything you saw was american. I learned to fly on a Cessna, my father learned to fly on a Cessna as well. But my children will learn to fly, if they ever wan't to learn how to fly (also a result of the lack of innovation), on European airplanes or on american designed Chinese owned airplanes. That is a shame ad should be a sign of embarrassment to all in the industry. But therein lies the question: How can this change? First off, I believe there needs to be a renewed effort by the industry to innovate. This includes going out to the public and showing people what aviation is all about. Getting kids interested in science and technology is also very important. This would require the industry coming together in a joint effort. However, I don't see this happening, as the industry has become more about profits than anything. Second, there is something that government could do. Perhaps send a couple of people to mars, get the whole country excited about space. There you will get a huge influx of engineers and scientists like what happened during the Apollo missions. Everyone wanted to be part of the adventure of space. This would require an government agenda concentrated on Science funding, and less about tax cuts and defense spending. A reformat of the education system could also help. But this would require a high degree of competence. And I don't see that in neither candidate. So my answer is that neither party really support aviation. They just look at is like any other industry.

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Aviation, by nature is a cross border activity, and future growth is not only national but international... by logical deduction. The president who will be best for aviation is the one who has a solid and pragmatic understanding of international issues, especially the interdependency of economies and nations. This will ultimately have the best effect on national aviation... including US aviation exports.

The claim of a candidate being able to drive the economy to growth, reduce deficits AND lower taxes reminds me of someone claiming that it is possible to gain altitude while increasing speed AND reducing your fuelflow... all at the same time! If you believe this, vote for Romney... if not, vote for Obama.

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@ Hector, your views at face value seem to hold water. However, as you ramble on about your children one issue becomes clear. Specifically, by your statements of the need for some mystical thing (government) to achieve a fantastical goal (at enormous expense no doubt) to get your kids to put down their iPhones and become interested in aviation.

Yours, like most children, are given everything and earn nothing. That is why there is no great fanfare about aviation anymore. You can put someone in a cockpit but you can’t make them become a pilot. Aviation has never been, nor will it ever be, an industry for slackers.

President Kardashian is no different, as those who don't "understand" aviation don't understand basic economics let alone sound fiscal policy. The future of aviation is directly tied to the growth or decline of American prosperity. Romney is not the shining example of an aviation advocate, but we wouldn’t be having to lower our standards had millions of moron’s not wanted to be part of a social movement at the beginning of a recession instead of doing the responsible thing. Grow up.

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