São Paulo Overrun Accident Caught on Video

 - November 19, 2012, 2:25 PM

The two pilots and single passenger of a Cessna Citation CJ3 escaped with their lives when their aircraft ran off the end of the 4,700-foot-long Runway 35 Right at São Paulo’s Congonhas Airport (SBSP) in Brazil on November 11. An airport security camera captured the last few moments of the flight.

The captain was seriously injured while the first officer and passenger sustained only minor injuries as the aircraft bounced high into the air a number of times before coming to rest against an airport fence. Despite the apparent damage to the aircraft, there was no post-crash fire.

The hourly weather just before the overrun reported relatively clear skies and good visibilities with surface winds from the northwest at nine knots. The next weather report, not long after the accident, confirmed a major wind shift to southerly at 13 knots with approaching thunderstorms.

Reports of brake failure on the CJ are as yet unconfirmed.

In 2007, a TAM Airlines A320 overran the airport’s parallel Runway 35 Left. All 187 on board were killed.



That's not quite true regarding the brake failure, as the aircraft touch down almost at mid point of the runway, plus the crew have only few hours on jet aircraft.
A friend of mine who flies at TAM Airline on the A320 was on the runway holding short at 35L and he said that the CJ3 approached faster than approach speed and should made a go around. But as the poor decision lead to this happening.
I don't think and I don't blame Cessna, as was used to fly the CJ's family jet. ...an awesome machine for who knows how to fly.

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