Innotech sells Honeywell APU conversion for Challenger 604

 - September 11, 2006, 10:50 AM

Innotech Aviation of Montreal has completed its first installation of a Honeywell GTCP36-150(CL) auxiliary power unit (APU) in a Bombardier Challenger 604. The new APU replaces the original GTCP36-100 series and provides performance, operational and maintenance benefits over the original.

According to the company, the conversion offers enhanced reliability and a longer hot-section life, largely the result of lower exhaust gas temperatures. Rob Brooks, Innotech vice president and general manager, said other significant benefits include an enhanced-reliability load control valve; an advanced electronic control unit with complete built-in test equipment capability that analyzes most line replaceable units and reduces maintenance costs as well as downtime; improved fuel scheduling and fuel control; and improved starting and operational schedules for all conditions–sea level, deep cold and hot-and-high conditions. The unit is available to all Challenger 601 and 604 operators as an optional retrofit Service Bulletin.

“The operational and economic benefits are clearly there and we can perform the installation during a regular maintenance visit or on demand,” Brooks said.


IS there any MOD done on the APU . If done waht is the SB no.?

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