Western Aircraft Propeller: SAIB Is Improper

 - October 7, 2009, 11:56 AM

In an August 19 AINmxReports news item titled “FAA Issues SAIB For Western Aircraft Propeller Service,” it was reported that the Troutdale, Ore.-based company was the subject of an FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin regarding “propellers, or propeller component parts, repaired, inspected or overhauled” by the company. According to the SAIB, the propellers were removed and sent to another propeller repair station for evaluation and then to Hartzell Propeller for further examination. “Numerous nonconformities were found in both instances,” it stated. AIN unsuccessfully attempted twice to contact Western Aircraft Propeller Service for an interview. This week Laurie Marshall, the company’s general manager, contacted AIN seeking to refute the FAA’s claims. The company has sent a rebuttal to Washington and asked for a full investigation into improper behavior and practices by its local Oregon FSDO. It alleges that the FAA did not have reasonable basis for proceeding with this SAIB and proceeded without substantial justification. Read the full text of the letter here.


As We had hoped 11 months after FAA Issued their SAIB Western Aircraft Propeller Received all of there Operation Spec's back, There was no fines issued and Western Aircraft Propeller was given back everything after of course all rights to further legal action were signed off. Western Aircraft Propeller was found in fact to in compliance with all FAR Requirements and the SAIB was
revised (This is the first time a SAIB was revised) to show their compliance.
We are pleased our customers stayed with us and we are working harder than
every to earn future trust.

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