ATR 72 Damaged in Crosswind Landing

 - February 11, 2013, 10:55 AM

An ATR 72 operated under the Alitalia network by Romanian carrier Carpatair was substantially damaged on February 2 when the crew lost control of the aircraft on landing at Rome Fiumicino Airport in Italy (LIRF). The wind at the time of the accident was approximately 90 degrees to Runway 16, gusting to 41 knots.

Four of the 50 people aboard were injured, two seriously.

Shortly after touchdown, the aircraft’s right main gear collapsed, causing the number-two engine’s propeller to strike the ground and damaging the fuselage. The aircraft came to rest in the grass alongside the runway. The ATR’s demonstrated maximum crosswind component on a dry runway is 35 knots. The runway more closely aligned with the wind–Runway 25–was closed for construction, as indicated in a recent Notam.



So whose fault - mother nature, ATC or pilot?

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