Sentient Jet Says Client Base Grew 15 Percent in 2012

 - February 14, 2013, 4:00 PM

Aircraft charter broker Sentient Jet reported 15-percent year-over-year growth in new clients, which now exceed 4,000, and the sale of more than 1,200 twenty-five-hour jet cards during 2012. Last year, charter legs flown by Sentient customers made gains on 2011, and compound annual growth averaged more than 5 percent since 2010, the company reported.

Sentient’s new enhanced 25-hour jet card, introduced last November, starts at $123,100. Clients can buy 25 hours in a light or midsize jet in two age classes, “preferred” (model year 2000 or later) or “select” (model year 1999 or earlier). The price includes fuel surcharge and federal excise taxes and a one-year lock on the hourly rate and fuel surcharge, as well as 10- to 15-percent discounts on qualifying travel and guaranteed availability “in as little as 10 hours,” according to Sentient.

Sentient Jet was purchased in June by Directional Aviation Capital. “We are exceptionally pleased with the overall performance of the Sentient jet card business, confirming our rationale for acquiring the company,” said Directional chairman Kenneth Ricci. He added that Sentient “is also proving to deliver benefits across our portfolio of innovative, service-focused aviation companies,” which include Sentient Jet, Nextant Aerospace, Flight Options, Constant Aviation and Corporate Wings.


1200, yeah right!!!

Twelve hundred cards over 3.5 months would be 11 cards per day.
Twelve hundred 25 hour cards = 30,000 hours or 37.5 aircraft (at 800 hours per year).
Does that seem high?

I don't think so

Are these audited numbers? 1200 Jet cards in 3 1/2 may want to count again.

The actual number is correct, 1,200 25-hour jet cards, but these were sold during 2012, not since November.

That is 100/month.....I work for a major jet card co. that Sentient thinks they compete with and we do roughly 500 a year. So that being said I still bet that 1200 number is incorrect.

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