Year Ends with Significant Increase in Bizav Accidents

 - January 5, 2012, 3:45 PM

Turbine business airplanes experienced a major increase in accidents last year, compared with 2010. According to statistics compiled by AIN, nonfatal accidents involving U.S.-registered business jets nearly doubled from 16 in 2010 to 31 last year, while U.S.-registered turboprop accidents surged from 32 to 43 year-over-year. In the one fatal jet accident recorded last year, all four crewmembers were killed in the April 2 crash of a Gulfstream G650, which was on a certification test flight; two people had died in the single fatal accident of a business jet in 2010. There have been no fatal Part 135 jet accidents over the last two years. Meanwhile, the number of fatalities in turboprop accidents more than doubled–29 people were killed in 11 accidents last year, versus 12 people killed in four accidents in 2010. Last year, five accidents involving non-U.S.-registered jets on private, charter and government missions killed 68 people (including 44 aboard one charter flight), compared with four accidents and 14 fatalities in 2010. Similar missions by non-U.S.-registered turboprops caused the deaths of 55 people last year, down slightly from 59 in 2010.


Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics???
What are the actual accident rates, rather than the absolute number of accidents/incidents?
If there has been a significant increase in the number of hours flown, an increase in the number of accidents does not mean that there is necessarily any more danger in flying.
Was 2010 an anomalous year, with exceptionally low incidents?

Please, put some context around these figures. This is perfect fodder for a 'scare-mongering' press.

Dear Aaron,

there are no lies. BizAv has always more worse safety records than airlines. We all know about the training situation, doing checkrides in an airplane rather than in a simulator. We all know about the CRM, which is slowly decaying to tick the box instead of being a helpful tool, specially, when you are working in a small company, flying years for years with the same guy. We all know that, thanks to the reliable hardware and engines, and due to the fact that a business pilot is flying less hours than an airliner, we don't have more accidents than airliner have. We all know about SMS lying in the filing cabinet, and getting more and more dusty every day, because you have to have an SMS but this is all about theoretical and SMS is not lived in the companies because safety is expensive. We all know that, there is no Pilot's selection in the Business Aviation and specially in Europe most of the pilot's flying in Biz Av are people, who did not pass the evaluation checks of an airline. We all know about flight time limitations and what the companies want to do when the client wants to fly now, and not in 10 hours.

I know that these things hurt. Sorry to tell you these facts but they are true.

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