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Night Flight Turns Night To Day

 - February 12, 2012, 1:15 PM

Night Flight Concepts is showcasing new night vision solutions this year at its Heli-Expo booth (No. 7841), along with its new laser armor and laser defense systems for civil operators.

NFC’s new maintenance solution for night-vision goggles (NVG) bundles its “no-worry” extended warranty; high-quality, cost-sensitive 180-day NVG inspections; and the NVIS-lighting inspection program. Bundles also include the FAA-approved NVIO night-vision goggle computer-based training which enables Internet-based, just-in-time training and maintenance performance support. Bundling customers receive preferred pricing on many products and services offered by NFC.

In response to the FAA-mandated, 24-month NVIS inspection requirement, NFC is offering the Hoffman Engineering LM-33-550 lighting conformity toolkit, which it calls “the torque-wrench of the NVG lighting inspection industry.”

NFC is also featuring Laser Armor, which it describes as new optical systems to help flight crews defend against laser attack. The suite includes NFC’s Laser Armor light-interference filter, aviator glasses and laser-defense training.


A night flight requires another level of preparedness and planning. Once done, flying at night can be one of the most exciting, enjoyable, and challenging experiences. There is definitely no such thing as a boring night flight. A flight into the night can really be a fascinating experience. From 1,500 feet a flight over the snow-covered terrain is something to behold on a moonlit night. Rivers, waterways, and coastlines are a magnificent sight. The lights of civilization are likewise beautiful. On a clear cloudless night, visibility is fantastic and you can see lighted cities far farther away than on the best of days; 50 -100 miles over flat lands is no problem at all. Other air traffic is easier to see and track. Radio reception even seems better. All of this can put an ”other world” feeling to such a flight. Life is good!

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