Rockwell Collins Unveils Enhanced Vision System That Can Detect LED Runway Lighting

 - October 15, 2013, 2:30 PM

On Friday, Rockwell Collins unveiled its new EVS-3000 enhanced vision system, which includes a multi-spectral EVS sensor that “significantly improves detection of outside terrain, hazards and obstacles in low-visibility conditions caused by weather phenomena such as fog.” The EVS-3000 also brings the industry-first ability to fully detect LED lighting, which is increasingly being used by airports as a runway lighting solution. It does not require a built-in cooling system, reducing weight. Rockwell Collins will announce a launch customer for its EVS-3000 on Monday at the NBAA Convention.


Would be a better article if it explained what "fully detecting LED lighting" means, and what benefit pilots would see.  I see that Rockwell's site has a similar lack of detail.

It means that Rockwell’s EVS sensor can view LED-based airport lighting. Currently available EVS sensors use heat detection to render an outside-view image for display on a HUD or head-down display. The problem is that LED lighting, which more airports are installing because it greatly reduces energy costs/usage, does not give off enough of a heat signature for the EVS sensors to be able to render the airport lights on the cockpit displays. Rockwell’s new sensor fixes this.

Stay tuned–Rockwell will provide a lot more information on the EVS-3000 next week at NBAA, and we’ll be covering these additional details here on AINonline.

Very cool - thanks for the additional info :-)

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