Silentium Air Intros Challenger 300 Noise-reduction Kit

 - May 26, 2010, 7:42 AM

Silentium Air introduced its 300 series, a customized noise-reduction kit developed expressly for the Bombardier Challenger 300.

The Montreal-based company claims the kit will typically reduce overall cabin noise levels by at least three decibels, which represents an average cabin noise reduction of 30 percent in terms of human perception. Silentium further points out that lower
noise levels also represent a reduction in vibration, which has been identified as contributing to passenger fatigue.

The Silentium kit consists of pre-fitted, aerospace-grade fiberglass and foam modules that the company says are quick and easy to install. It replaces the factory-installed soundproofing “without representing a significant weight increase.”
Work has begun on the first customer Silentium Air 300 kit at Bombardier’s business aircraft service center in Tucson, Ariz. Silentium will seek FAA certification of the kit with partner Orcon, with the subsequent STC to be held by Silentium parent company Zenith Jet.

The company plans to introduce similar customized sound-reduction kits for Bombardier’s Global and Challenger 600/601/604 lines. The next FAA-certified
kit is likely to be for the Global Express.


Noise reduction by 3 dB is so small, that it is even barely perceptible as can be found
in any textbook dealing with noise or acoustics !

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