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Jul 25, 2007 - 5:37 AM
<strong>Bell 212, Guipuzcoa, Spain, June 13, 2007</strong> – The two commercial pilots flying the Spanish-registered Bell 212 from Santander Airport to Ali
Jul 25, 2007 - 5:35 AM
<b>Cessna 208B Caravan, Quepos, Costa Rica, March 22, 2007</b> – Costa Rican-registered Cessna Caravan TI-BBG landed at the Aeropuerto La Managua, near Que
Jul 25, 2007 - 5:33 AM
A coalition of general aviation interests was successful in getting aircraft sales and use taxes repealed in Rhode Island when Gov.
Jul 25, 2007 - 5:31 AM
The tax committee of the NBAA will host two events in conjunction with its 57th annual meeting and convention in Las Vegas in October.
Jul 25, 2007 - 5:30 AM
The two buildings that house the offices of the FAA in Washington have been named after the Wright brothers.
Jul 25, 2007 - 5:29 AM
<strong>Embraer ERJ 135, Boston, June 20, 2007</strong> – Despite a gear-down-and-locked indication with three green lights, the crew of the American Eagle
Jul 25, 2007 - 5:28 AM
When President Bush signed the FAA reauthorization act (generally known as Vision 100) late last year, the bill called on the agency to work with airports,
Jul 25, 2007 - 5:26 AM
• Congress recessed for about a week to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday and returned to face a full plate of pending legislation before recessing agai
Jul 25, 2007 - 5:26 AM
<strong>Piaggio Avanti, Teterboro, N.J., June 17, 2007</strong> – The pilot of a fractional Avanti, cleared to take off from Runway 24 at Teterboro Airport
Jul 25, 2007 - 5:23 AM
Our community will face greater change in the next 10 years than we experienced in the last 50.