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U.S. Air Force testers fly 3DR Solo
The emerging technologies unit at Edwards Air Force Base is also considering using drones to calibrate antennas, inspect roofs and airfields.
The AEA show this year features more than 135 exhibitors showing their avionics products.
Attendance at the 2017 edition of Heli-Expo, jumped by 4,000.
He co-founded K-C Aviation with his brother William (Ralph) Emery.
Air Medical’s fleet of three jets and two King Air turboprops will join AirMed’s fleet of Beechcraft, Citation, Learjet, Hawker and King Air aircraft.
He was a founding member of the Motion Picture Pilots Association.
Project Canada
Market forces and supply issues may lead to the end of production of the 550 this year, even though certification on Canada is not expected for two years.
Commercial aircraft buyers enjoying unprecedented capital access
Paris 2015 covers
There will be plenty of fascinating displays.
Loss of tail rotor effectiveness can lead to loss of control, Board warns