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Prohibition bars laptop computers, cameras from passenger cabins
APP opening
The San Francisco Bay-area airport is on an upswing with a pair of brand-new FBOs and a rising surge of traffic.
Christopher Hart term as chairman ended this month, but he remains on the NTSB roster.
Transportation Security Administration screener
In its budget blueprint, the Trump administration proposes raising the security services fee to cover 75 percent of the TSA's cost.
Laxton previously served as Boeing’s sales director for Air China, Air China Cargo, Shandong Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines.
The lobby at Hollingshead Aviation
In operation at Smyrna Airport for 38 years, Smryna Jet Center is now known as Hollingshead Aviation.
In amicus briefs, NATA and NBAA asked the Supreme Court to review Bombardier's case of aircraft management fee taxes.
The 604 lost control and plunged possibly as much as 25,000 feet after passing 1,000 feet of a 'large transport category airport."
Cessna Citation Longitude
The twinjet—registered as N702GL—reached an altitude of 13,600 feet and speeds up to 256 knots during the maiden flight.
U-2 in flight
The U.S. Air Force will postpone plans to retire the high-flying recce jet in 2019-20.