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January 29, 2007, 6:24 AM

A jury ordered Universal Avionics to pay Honeywell $5.5 million in damages for violating a patent related to Honeywell’s original (pre-“enhanced”) GPWS. The same jury last month ruled in favor of co-defendant Sandel Avionics.

January 29, 2007, 6:20 AM

According to a Little Rock local newspaper account, hangar space is hard to come by in the state of Arkansas, especially the capital city.

January 29, 2007, 6:17 AM

In another effort to help reduce accidents, NATA is developing a ground-incident safety management system (SMS) that it hopes will merge data on ground-handling accidents from as many as 500 FBOs within two years.

January 29, 2007, 6:13 AM

Bob Walesch since 1984 has held senior positions with four major FBOs and spearheaded the launches of two of them that are located on medium-size business-aviation airports near warm oceans.

January 29, 2007, 6:08 AM

The turn of the new year has seen several new facilities opening in time for the winter season.

January 29, 2007, 6:06 AM

Accidents involving aircraft on airport ramps remain one of the most expensive sources of claims for insurance companies.

January 29, 2007, 6:04 AM

Steve Brown took over as NBAA senior vice president of operations three months ago, but he is an old hand on the Washington scene.

January 29, 2007, 6:01 AM

The Gulfstream 500 received FAA type certification last month, and customer deliveries of the business jet are scheduled to start early this year.

January 29, 2007, 5:59 AM

One thing that pilots have in common with most people is that, from time to time, they wish they were doing something else in their chosen field.

January 29, 2007, 5:59 AM

As reported last month in AIN, under FAA requirements civil jets must be equipped with ELTs starting this month. U.S. operators have been advised to consider installing 406-MHz units because satellite monitoring of 121.5-MHz units is scheduled to end in 2009.