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October 31, 2006, 10:42 AM

With accidents decreasing by 8.7 percent and fatal accidents dropping by 11.6 percent, last year was the safest year for U.S. general aviation since the end of World War II.

October 31, 2006, 10:40 AM

Until Bombardier develops a fix and it is FAA approved, operators of about 255 U.S.-registered Learjet 23s through 25s will be required to disable the thrust reversers.

October 31, 2006, 10:39 AM

Flight crews and their passengers will be affected by a proposal from the Departments of State and Homeland Security to require a U.S. or foreign passport when traveling between the U.S. and other countries in the Western Hemisphere.

October 31, 2006, 10:38 AM

Corporate jet-card services company Sentient Jet has acquired charter operator Atlantic Aviation Flight Services of Teterboro, N.J., from Voyager Group, a private-equity firm based in Pittsburgh.

October 31, 2006, 10:36 AM

Cessna received certification for its Citation Sovereign from both the European Aviation Safety Agency and the JAA, enabling the twinjet to be certified and registered in 25 nations adhering to EASA regulations and the 10 countries still following JAA procedures.

October 31, 2006, 10:35 AM

Independence Air, a Washington Dulles-based low-fare carrier, last month became the first scheduled airline to join the Corporate Angel Network and provide complimentary seats to cancer patients needing to travel to and from treatment centers.

October 31, 2006, 10:34 AM

Joseph Patrick Smith III and Thomas Edward Smith, formerly employed at Smyth Aerospace Manufacturing, recently pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to conspiracy to commit aircraft parts fraud.

October 31, 2006, 10:33 AM

All six General Dynamics Service Centers have joined General Electric’s CF34 service center network. General Dynamics service facilities are located in Las Vegas; Minneapolis; Dallas; Appleton, Wis.; Westfield, Mass.; and West Palm Beach, Fla. The CF34 powers Challengers.

October 31, 2006, 10:32 AM

Want to see your tax dollars at work in aviation? Then attend SATS 2005: A Transformation in Air Travel, scheduled for June 5 to 7 at Danville Airport, Va.

October 31, 2006, 10:24 AM

With the airlines arguing that they pay for more than 90 percent of the ATC system but don’t account for 90 percent of its use, and with the FAA confirming that budget cuts will hamper its certification work, there wasn’t a lot of good news at the FAA’s industry budget briefing for FY2006 last mo