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African aviation officials still try to impose inappropriate rules for commercial airlines on the continent's growing business aviation community.
The aircraft set records on its flights between California and Hawaii while carrying passengers from AirSprint.
Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau
The Interim Order Respecting the Use of Model Aircraft applies to recreational drones weighing from a half a pound to 77 pounds.
Drones are being used as tools by large insurance companies, but should their operators join the flight department?
First services to fly out of Barcelona using Iberia crew
The 2017 NBAA business aviation finance, registration and legal conference buzzed with renewed energy.
Financiers, insurance brokers and aviation lawyers are seeing an uptick in business jet transactions in 2017.
Airbus pledges complete cooperation as probes intensify
Air Methods had been under pressure from dissident shareholders to increase the value of its stock, including exploring a possible sale of the company.
DCA tower
Proposal follows meeting earlier this year between President Donald Trump and the airlines.