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Oct 9, 2007 - 11:46 AM
David Wetherell, the chairman of Boston-based CMGI, and Kittridge Aviation are suing Bombardier and GE over what they allege are “undisclosed dangerous def
Oct 9, 2007 - 11:45 AM
The FAA has revised the regulations covering temporary flight restrictions by creating a separate set of conditions to cover sporting events and airshows (
Oct 9, 2007 - 11:44 AM
In an e-mail sent to employees on Friday morning, AEXjet CEO John Gallaher said the charter company is ceasing operations for two weeks while the transacti
Oct 9, 2007 - 11:43 AM
The National Air Traffic Controllers Association (Natca) said two business jets had to take evasive action at 28,000 feet and about 60 miles northeast of L
Oct 9, 2007 - 11:42 AM
The consequences of the FAA’s emergency suspension of AMI Jet Charter’s Part 135 certificate last week are not yet immediately apparent.
Oct 9, 2007 - 11:19 AM
And you thought the bubble-burst was bad.<br /><br />After a spectacular ascendancy in the late 1990s, the business aviation industry has taken a d
Oct 9, 2007 - 9:42 AM
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries today announced that its board has issued authority to offer the proposed MRJ family of regional jets for sale to potential cus
Oct 9, 2007 - 9:36 AM
<strong>MITSUBISHI MU-2B-35, CAROLINA, PUERTO RICO, APRIL 15, 2002</strong>–Shortly after 3 p.m., an MU-2 crashed into a car dealership west of San Juan.
Oct 9, 2007 - 9:34 AM
<strong>SIKORSKY S-61A, DUNSMUIR, CALIF., MARCH 26, 2002</strong>–Visual meteorological conditions prevailed when the twin-engine helicopter hit terrain, k
Oct 9, 2007 - 9:32 AM
<strong>MITSUBISHI MU-300, ANDERSON, IND., MARCH 25, 2002</strong>–A Diamond operated by Corporate Flight Management sustained substantial damage during an