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Jan 31, 2017 - 1:47 PM
Chao was approved by an overwhelming majority in the Senate.
Jan 31, 2017 - 12:59 PM
Near-term outlook is now “optimistic, buoyed by OPEC’s announcement to cut production followed by non-OPEC producers vowing to do the same."
Jan 31, 2017 - 12:42 PM
Manufacturing RAC MiG hosted military attaches from 30 countries for the public showing in Lukhovitsy, near Moscow.
2017 TBM 930
Jan 31, 2017 - 12:38 PM
Newest model now comes standard with ADS-B IN avonics, stick shaker, new interior features and wireless connectivity gateway.
Jan 31, 2017 - 11:47 AM
Cite failure of administration to properly coordinate and warn airlines of new policy
Jan 31, 2017 - 11:42 AM
Gilligan spent 37 years with the agency and has been praised for her dedication to safety.
Jan 31, 2017 - 11:36 AM
Embraer 170's transponder was in “standby mode,” causing subsequent “unintentional interruption of air traffic service” and near midair with Falcon 900.
Jan 31, 2017 - 11:01 AM
The service provider will place representatives on-site in Houston so operators and customers alike can receive aircraft support.
Jan 31, 2017 - 10:37 AM
Hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxymorphone and oxycodone would be added to the FAA’s urine testing requirements for commercial pilots and aircraft mechanics.
Jan 31, 2017 - 10:00 AM
At typical cruise speeds the system provides pilots with a seven to 10-minute warning, allowing sufficient time to safely evade ash clouds.