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Nov 12, 2007 - 10:04 AM
BAE Systems Regional Aircraft suggests there might be a large increase in the Persian Gulf-based fleet of British Aerospace 146/Avro RJ regional jets in th
Nov 12, 2007 - 9:44 AM
Aerion has started accepting letters of intent for the first 80 delivery positions of its projected supersonic business jet and has appointed Zurich-headqu
Nov 12, 2007 - 9:42 AM
The first Lockheed Martin (LM) F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) has now been grounded for more than six months.
Nov 12, 2007 - 9:36 AM
Emirates Airlines has decided to add a Honeywell safety upgrade intended to prevent runway incursions to its fleet of more than 100 airliners.
Nov 12, 2007 - 6:52 AM
Embraer has signed contracts with the Royal Thai Army and Royal Thai Navy for the supply of two ERJ135LR jets for government transport and medical evacuati
Nov 12, 2007 - 6:43 AM
Lufthansa Systems (LHS) is here introducing the electronic flight folder (EFF), a new feature in its Lido eFlightBag that allows crewmembers to download la
Nov 12, 2007 - 6:41 AM
The Eurofighter consortium achieved a major milestone on the first of the month with the first flight of a Typhoon with Tranche 2 avionics.
Nov 12, 2007 - 6:32 AM
On Wednesday the General Atomics MQ-9A Reaper unmanned attack vehicle dropped its first precision-guided bombs in anger, not long after the combat debut of
Nov 12, 2007 - 6:26 AM
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Nov 12, 2007 - 6:21 AM
Standing at 88 orders so far this year, regional turboprop manufacturer ATR’s order book may well break the previous record of 90 in 2005, a confident Stép