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Feb 8, 2007 - 4:32 AM
British company Avcen has designed an innovative ducted-fan twinjet, called the Jetpod, that it claims will cruise at 300 knots yet take off and land in sl
Feb 8, 2007 - 4:29 AM
For some time I have been aware of and exposed to a changing culture at the major airlines, and it holds lessons for corporate aviation.<br /><br />What I
Feb 8, 2007 - 4:28 AM
Keystone Helicopter of West Chester, Pa., has expanded its accessories capabilities on both the Rolls-Royce 250 and Honeywell LTS101 turboshaft engines.
Feb 8, 2007 - 4:27 AM
Two students were selected to receive NBAA’s 2004 William M.
Feb 8, 2007 - 4:26 AM
“Adding maintenance capability just made sense; it made us more versatile,” Jerry Gore, president and CEO of San Antonio-based Gore Design Completions, tol
Feb 8, 2007 - 4:23 AM
The FAA has bestowed its highest award, the Diamond Award for Maintenance Excellence, on Raytheon Aircraft Services Indianapolis.
Feb 8, 2007 - 4:21 AM
Transport Canada has approved Alteon Training, a wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing, to be an approved training organization for maintenance training under
Feb 8, 2007 - 4:19 AM
Stevens Aviation Denver has received FAA approval to add new airframe and powerplant ratings to its repair station certificate.
Feb 8, 2007 - 4:18 AM
Expeditors International of Washington has teamed with Bombardier Aerospace to establish super warehouses with Caterpillar Logistic Services as part of a s
Feb 8, 2007 - 4:17 AM
The New York Aviation Management Association and the Long Island Business Aviation Association, with support from NBAA, were instrumental in having legisla