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November 6, 2006, 6:53 AM

Brazilian authorities held two U.S. pilots in connection with the September 29 midair collision that caused a Gol Airlines Boeing 737 to plunge into the Amazon jungle, killing all 154 on board and beginning a harrowing ordeal for the business jet crew from Long Island.

November 6, 2006, 6:52 AM

Launching a new era for the 70-year-old lightplane manufacturer, Piper Aircraft president and CEO Jim Bass last month took the wraps off the design mockup for the single-engine, six-seat PiperJet, an airplane priced at $2.19 million that adds another serious player to the market for very light je

November 6, 2006, 6:29 AM

Enormous banners that hung from the façade of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando last month proclaimed the NBAA Convention offered “A year’s worth of business in just three days.” It certainly felt that way.

November 6, 2006, 5:55 AM

Flight nurse Joan Sullivan Garrett never envisioned herself as an entrepreneur and certainly never as the head of a multi-million-dollar company with global assets and Fortune 500 clients.

November 6, 2006, 5:22 AM

NASA has been studying various types of emissions from commercial aircraft to develop ways to reduce emissions and protect the environment.

November 6, 2006, 5:20 AM

With fuel prices at noticeably higher levels and Stage 4 noise requirements proposed to take effect next January 1, industry and government are working furiously on ways to make turbine engines even more efficient, while further reducing emissions and noise output.

November 6, 2006, 5:06 AM

Harry Combs

November 6, 2006, 4:57 AM

Boeing Business Jets: Lee Monson to Steven Hill

November 6, 2006, 4:51 AM

Two years ago the NBAA board of directors decided not to extend the contract of Jack Olcott, who had been the face of the business aviation organization for more than a decade, launching the association into a tumult that seems finally to be playing itself out.

November 6, 2006, 4:03 AM

Seeing Susan Saint James on the Today show early last month remembering the life of her 14-year-old son, Teddy Ebersol–one of three people who died in the crash of a Challenger 601 at Montrose, Colo., on November 28–brought into stark focus the pain of business aviation’s recent dark spell.