AIN Convention News – Frequently Asked Questions

 - February 7, 2013, 2:00 PM

It’s time to start preparing for Heli-Expo, March 5-7, in Las Vegas. AIN will again be publishing HAI Convention News, which will be printed on all three days and distributed throughout the show. If your company has news that you would like featured in the show dailies, here are some guidelines about how to submit that information to the editors. See you in Las Vegas! 

How do I get a story into AIN’s HAI Convention News magazines?

You can send us your information any time from two months prior to the show until the day before the last day of the show. The earlier your submission, the better your chances of getting an article about your company or products into the dailies.

Must my company be an exhibitor?

Generally, yes. We prioritize the limited space available for HAI convention-related stories about exhibitors. There are some exceptions, but those who make the effort to exhibit move to the top of the pile.

How much does it cost to get a story into HAI Convention News?

There is no fee.

Does my company need to advertise to get a story into HAI Convention News?


Do I need to write a press release or have one written professionally?

It is important that you provide information about your product or service in an easily readable format. It doesn’t matter who writes it, although a professional will know exactly how to deliver the correct information efficiently and promptly.

What is the required format?

We accept press releases in any format; however, here are some simple guidelines:

  • Use a common word processor such as Microsoft Word, with plain text and no fancy fonts.
  • State the information clearly and concisely. There’s no need to gussy it up with fancy terms and superlatives.
  • Send the press release, via email, to
  • Include a description in the subject line (for example, “HAI Press Release: New Engine Overhaul Process” instead of the nondescript “Press Release.”
  • Include the press release as text in the body of the email. It can also be attached, but even if it is, it is better to paste the text into the email.
  • Include high-resolution digital photos, or a link to where photos can be downloaded.
  • Please provide caption information for photos, including names and titles of all people in the photos.
  • Make sure to include your contact information so we can get in touch if we have any questions.

Should I send all my releases at once or stagger them so I can get stories into each issue?

It is better to deliver all press releases together. Staggering them doesn’t necessarily mean they will appear in the order in which they are sent. In addition, there’s always the potential for a single email to get lost and we might miss something you really want to bring to our attention. Please feel free to identify those releases among the group that you feel are most important.

Who can help with additional questions?


Matt Thurber

Editor-Domestic Show Editions


Phone: 310-306-4039