How to Create – and Deliver – Great Marketing Videos

 - July 13, 2013, 1:15 PM

Incorporating online video into your marketing campaign can pay big dividends—but only if your distribution is as effective as your content. Let’s look at some ways to develop powerful content and deliver it to your audience.


Your Product: Video is a great way to show off your product. You can demonstrate how it’s made and tested, how you distribute it and how it works. Don’t be afraid to boast about your product while educating your audience.

Thought Leadership: Telling the world what’s happening in your industry can help position your company as a leader. Are you spearheading the development of green products in your industry? Create a video series about how such products represent the future. Whether or not you opt to focus on your own green products, the videos will let people know that you care and are taking steps to improve the environment.

Events: You can enhance the excitement of a company event by documenting the experience, be it a tradeshow, party, press conference or meeting. Create a video at a tradeshow to announce your presence and increase traffic to your booth. Record a company meeting to show how you are working for your customers.

Call to Action: A good marketing video will engage viewers and nudge them into action. If you’re displaying your product, send viewers to a webpage with pertinent information. If you’re at a tradeshow, tell them to stop by your booth.

Entertain: Sometimes the best way to grow your relationships with customers is to simply have fun with them. Create a “Day in the Life” video, interview guests in your building or even create a video of your employees dancing. Everyone enjoys being entertained and it can’t hurt to remind viewers to associate your corporation with the real people it employs, not just the products it sells.


Online Video Platforms: Before you fully distribute your video, you must find a video platform that best serves your purposes. Here are three options:

  • YouTube. The obvious platform is the market leader, which has more than 1 billion unique visitors and 4 billion hours of video watched monthly. YouTube’s ties with Google will give your video great searchability.

  • Vimeo. This platform, which has 14 million members, is known for its quality embedding features, which help the quality of video on your website and emails.

  • Brightcove. This platform boasts 6,300 customers in 60 countries. Its video player loads 3.2 billion times a month. If you want to build a content network, consider that Brightcove is the top contender for large quantities of video. It gives you the ability to add your own pre- or post-roll ads and personalize your video player skin, among other customization features.

Email: Distributing your videos through email increases your click rate, and opt-in email marketing takes the guesswork out of hitting your target audience. Make emailed videos a regular occurrence, so customers will look forward to finding them right in their in boxes once a month.

Social Media: You should use this distribution outlet for every video. After all, video is a key reason people follow your social-media feeds. So deliver your videos to as many social-media communities as you can—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine. Choose a video platform and share from there.

Online Advertising Clicks: Are you purchasing online advertising space? Reward your “clickers” with a fun, educational video. If you have a new product to tout or want to provide a clear explanation of your services, a video offers a great vehicle.

QR Codes: Like online links, QR codes can lead customers to videos of your products in action. Bring your ad to life with video content.