Tablet Computing Opens Doors for Marketers

 - January 17, 2014, 9:15 AM

Much of your target audience probably now gleans information from tablets like Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. In fact, according to an article from Canalys, tablets will represent 50% of the PC market in 2014. That’s an astounding number, since we can all remember how foreign the thought of tablets was just three years ago.

The good news for marketers is that tablets enable you to reach customers in new ways. Publications are transforming their content for tablets to give readers an interactive experience, and this enables you to get creative. It also gives you the ability to track display ads, something that seemed impossible until recently. To help get you up to speed on tablet marketing, here are four ways it can help you reach customers like never before:

1. Linkability – It’s always a good thing to send potential customers to your website. Tablet advertising can do that, giving readers the opportunity to discover more about your company than your ad reveals. And you can track these people for ROI purposes. Be sure to make the click worth it for the reader. Define the demographic of the publication and send people to a specific landing page, video, survey or product review.

2. Add advertising pages on the cheap – Most tablet editions allow marketers to “stack” ads for a minimal price. What is “stacking”? When navigating through a tablet edition, readers typically push pages to the left. When ads are “stacked,”  readers can push the content up and down to see more information. This means you can expand the amount of information available to the reader. You can have an ongoing, flowing message or feature several products from the same line.

3. Interactivity – Have you ever researched online before buying a house or car? It helps the purchasing process when you can take a virtual tour, and this is something you can do from a publication on a tablet. Have a new product or want to show off the interior of an aircraft? Readers can explore it on a tablet edition without having to click through to a website on a separate browser. This can be a powerful tool that can have an immediate impact on purchasing decisions.

4. Video – If you have ever watched a movie that was set in the future, you know we’ve foreseen this development for a long time: advertisements coming to life in our hands. In the past, it seemed like a pipedream, but this vision is becoming a reality in the marketing world. Display advertisements can spring to life in videos, grabbing ahold of the reader.

AIN Publications will be reaching its on-the-go audience through a tablet edition starting this month. Contact your sales rep for more information on marketing capabilities through this edition.