Aircraft flight control systems

November 24, 2009 - 10:24am

The crash of an aeromedical Cessna Citation 550 into Lake Michigan more than two years ago has prompted the NTSB to recommend that the FAA require all Part 91K and Part 135 operators to incorporate upset recovery and related checklists and procedures into their training programs.

November 24, 2009 - 5:38am

Ask people why they finally decided to acquire a business airplane and they inevitably mention speed as the deciding factor. But as Concorde passengers learned over the years, the sensation of speed is quickly forgotten when the cabin is as cramped as it was aboard the SST. Speed may initially attract people to business airplanes, but it’s overall comfort on a long flight that determines the real value of an aircraft.

November 23, 2009 - 6:16am

As the result of the crash of an aeromedical Cessna Citation 550 into Lake Michigan in June 2007, the NTSB has recommended that the FAA require all Part 91K and Part 135 operators to incorporate upset recovery into their training syllabi.

November 12, 2009 - 12:08am

Bombardier’s CRJ1000 ap-peared on track for certification soon after this week’s Dubai Air Show until the company announced a few months ago that a software glitch would force it to delay approval by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) until the first quarter of its next fiscal year, starting February 1.

November 11, 2009 - 11:45pm

While no one at Boeing would dare admit to any level of satisfaction with the two-and-a-half years of delays to the 787-8, the program’s chief mechanic, Justin Hale, might be one of the few people within the company who can say it has helped make his job easier.

October 2, 2009 - 11:20am

Eurocopter AS 350BA, Princeville, Hawaii, March 8, 2007–The NTSB has blamed the fatal crash on the failure of maintenance personnel to properly tighten the flight control servo lower attachment clevis and reinstall a functioning lock washer, which resulted in a flight control disconnect and complete loss of control.

October 1, 2009 - 6:45am

The Falcon 7X in August received FAA approval for steep approaches, after a process that involved testing the Dassault large-cabin business jet at slopes up to 8.65 degrees. EASA approved the trijet for steep approaches last year and the UK CAA approved the 7X for approaches to London City Airport (LCY) in February of this year.

July 27, 2009 - 10:17am

Dassault Aviation could launch an all-electric Falcon business jet program in 2014 or 2015, said company engineers at a conference held by the ASTech Paris Region aerospace cluster at the Paris Air Show in June.

July 1, 2009 - 5:41am

Embraer engineers have begun the next phase in development of the Legacy 450 midlight and Legacy 500 midsize jets, having completed the joint definition phase.

June 30, 2009 - 6:50am

Airbus engineers are never satisfied, and customers of the European airframe builder should have only one response... thank goodness. Despite myriad technological and manufacturing obstacles, the European consortium of Germany, France and Spain successfully built, flew and put into production the largest commercial aircraft in the world, the A380, and the airframer currently has orders for 200 of the double-decker jetliners.