Berkshire Hathaway

March 25, 2008 - 8:57am

UK-based European Skytime has been remarketing NetJets Europe shares for almost two years under its Flight Commitment program. On February 15 it revised its prices downward to reflect the fact that Executive Jet now allows one-eighth-share holders 100 occupied hours per year (compared with 75 hr previously).

March 25, 2008 - 8:55am

Marquis, the U.S.-based remarketer of Executive Jet’s NetJets fractional-ownership shares, has opened a European sister company. London-based Marquis Jet Partners is selling 25-flight-hour packages for the four aircraft types in the NetJets Europe fleet, namely the Citation Bravo, Citation Excel, Hawker 800XP and Falcon 2000.

March 25, 2008 - 6:15am

ExecuJet Aviation has launched a new lease-based alternative to fractional ownership, block charter and traditional aircraft management. Simply Fly will see the Swiss group acquiring business jets, making them available to individual clients and operating them on a fully turnkey basis, covering crew, insurance, maintenance and handling. Customers will have exclusive use of an aircraft and a dedicated crew.

March 20, 2008 - 10:13am

NetJets Europe yesterday announced it is partnering with Ashish Chordia–CEO of Mumbai-based Shreyans, an importer of luxury goods–to act as its strategic partner to start a fractional aircraft program in India.

March 13, 2008 - 5:37am

Speaking yesterday at the fractional provider’s Port Columbus (Ohio) Airport operations center, NetJets CEO Richard Santulli ended months of speculation by announcing that the company will be staying put in the Buckeye State. Despite fierce competition from cities such as Raleigh, N.C.; Orlando, Fla.; and Fort Worth, Texas, in the end NetJets decided to expand its existing facility in Columbus rather than relocate.

March 11, 2008 - 12:14pm

German-based airline Lufthansa has ordered two Cessna Citation CJ3 and two Citation XLS+ business jets for its Private Jet service, which offers connections and point-to-point travel to first-class passengers in Europe. The new fleet will also include three Citation CJ1+s that were part of an earlier Lufthansa order for training purposes. All Cessna deliveries are expected between this month and December.

March 4, 2008 - 11:11am

In his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders released Friday, investment mogul Warren Buffett said the company’s flight-services division–which includes fractional provider NetJets and aviation training company FlightSafety International–set a record last year with pre-tax earnings increasing 49 percent to $547 million.

February 19, 2008 - 9:54am

At the Singapore Airshow today, new business jet operator BJets launched its block charter, fractional and aircraft management service with a massive $600 million order for 20 Cessna Citation CJ2+s and 20 Hawker 850XPs and 900XPs, to be delivered over the next five years. Another 10 Hawkers are on option. The value of the CJ2+ order is $150 million, while its firm order for 11 Hawker 900XPs and nine 850XPs is valued at $450 million.

February 19, 2008 - 3:14am

New business jet operator BJets launched its block charter, fractional and aircraft management services at the air show yesterday with a $600 million order for 20 Cessna Citation CJ2+s and 20 Hawker 850XPs and 900XPs, scheduled for delivery over the next five years. It holds options for another 10 Hawkers. Majority owned by the Briley Group and a significant holding of India’s Tata Group, BJets will operate in India and Southeast Asia.

February 8, 2008 - 10:54am

Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 800XP, Smith, Nev., Aug. 28, 2006–No one was seriously injured when the NetJets Hawker and a Schleicher ASW27-18 glider collided in flight. The Hawker was on an IFR flight plan; the glider had not filed a flight plan. As the Hawker was being handed over to Reno Approach, the captain saw the glider and maneuvered to avoid the collision.