Dassault Falcon 20

March 26, 2012 - 3:45am
Dassault Falcon 2000S

Since the Falcon 2000’s introduction in 1996, Dassault has debuted several variants that built on its winning formula of combining a good-sized cabin, attractive fuel economy and range, plus pleasant flying qualities and strong resale value.

March 4, 2012 - 3:10am

Dassault’s Falcon 2000S recently received the prestigious 2011 Good Design Award for its interior, a cabin crafted in conjunction with Designworks USA.

The award for design excellence is presented annually by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Center for Architecture, Art and Urban Studies in Dublin, Ireland.

February 15, 2012 - 11:40am

Dassault Aviation has selected Nordam as a supplier for its Falcon 900 and Falcon 2000 cabin window assemblies. Following a nearly year-long certification process, Nordam has contracted to deliver the passenger cabin windows for each of the two types this year. Production and supply of the cabin window assemblies is under way at Nordam’s transparency manufacturing plant in Tulsa.

October 20, 2011 - 3:42pm

FACC AG delivered the first set of winglets for a Falcon 2000LX to Dassault Aviation yesterday. The company signed a contract with the French aircraft manufacturer for delivery of OEM winglets for the Falcon 2000LX and 900LX in April.

June 29, 2011 - 8:36am

Dassault’s new Falcon 2000S begins with the basic Falcon 2000 platform, but that’s pretty much where the resemblance ends, from high-Mach blended winglets to the next-generation Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C engines to the EASy II cockpit redesign. But for the passengers, it is the cabin that will catch the eye.

June 29, 2011 - 3:15am

A new Jet Falcon cabin interior refurbishment program for the Falcon 2000 is not only fashion forward, but also timely in terms of market demand.

In fact, Jet Aviation in Basel has already outfitted more than 120 Falcon 2000s in executive fashion. And as those and hundreds of other Falcon 2000s come due for inspections and upgrades, Jet Aviation expects to see customers planning a cabin refurbishment during that downtime.

June 26, 2011 - 8:40am

Dassault unveiled the Falcon 2000S at May’s Ebace show as a lower-cost replacement for the 2000DX. Range of the 2000S is 3,350 nm, 100 nm greater than the DX. The 2000S’s simpler fuel system helps keep the price below $25 million. Modifications, including inboard slats and a standard autobrake, lower approach speed by 10 knots, which improves takeoff and landing performance.

May 17, 2011 - 6:05am

Air Works India Engineering (Stand 1869) has been appointed a Dassault Falcon authorized service center (ASC), offering Falcon operators a maintenance capability in India eventually leading to heavy maintenance.

May 16, 2011 - 9:50pm

Dassault entered the world corporate jet market in 1963 with the launch of the highly successful Falcon 20 midsize twin. The OEM’s current lineup includes the widebody series 900, 2000 and 7X, and a new super-midsize jet announced for 2016.

May 16, 2011 - 8:00am

Dassault unveiled its latest business jet–the Falcon 2000S–today in Geneva on the eve of the EBACE show.