January 22, 2008 - 8:50am

Honeywell has obtained TSO authorization for the new Bendix/King KI 825 EHSI (electronic horizontal situation indicator) for business aircraft. The three-inch display weighs three pounds and is fully sunlight-readable, said Honeywell.

January 22, 2008 - 8:40am

Securaplane Technologies of Tucson, Ariz., has introduced a digital video recorder for aircraft that replaces tape-based recorders. The $14,871 (list price) DVR-01 can archive up to six hours of video data, which is retrievable through an integrated Ethernet port. About the size of a paperback book, the three-pound device can be installed in spaces that are typically off-limits for traditional video recorders.

January 22, 2008 - 8:34am

The HST-900 data satcom from Rockwell Collins has received STC approval for installation in the Falcon 50, 900 and 900EX. The installation permits the use of Inmarsat Aero safety services in the cockpit and simultaneous voice and high-speed data in the cabin, a first for business aircraft, said Collins.

January 22, 2008 - 8:28am

Officials for Jeppesen report that the company has identified and corrected many of the irregularities in its NavData boundary data, but at press time about 350 of the more than 20,000 boundaries included in the latest update of the database, effective March 20, had not yet been fixed. The error arose from problems with a software upgrade when data was pulled from a database containing airspace boundaries worldwide for the March update.

January 22, 2008 - 8:24am

Weather data provider WSI announced it has added detailed information on temporary flight restrictions (TFR) to its InFlight airborne datalink information service. TFR notices are updated automatically free to subscribers, who can access text and graphics the same way they would call up weather maps, metars and TAFs. Hardware needed for WSI InFlight sells for a list price of $3,499 and the monthly subscription is $49.95.

January 22, 2008 - 8:13am

The FAA has approved a head-down display certification of the Max-Viz EVS-1000 enhanced vision system in a Challenger 601-3A. The $129,000 (installed) sensor and display package places a remote infrared camera in the top of the airplane’s tail fin and a dedicated 6.5-inch video-capable LCD in the cockpit.

January 22, 2008 - 6:13am

The FAA awarded a contract to Lockheed Martin last month that will add a third leased geostationary satellite to the two existing satellites used for the wide-area augmentation system (WAAS). Acquisition of a third satellite follows a recommendation from an independent review board study that concluded it was too risky to depend on only two satellites for the availability of the WAAS signal.

January 22, 2008 - 5:47am

Arinc Direct, the business aviation services division of Annapolis, Md.-based Arinc, has officially launched a lineup of flight-support services for corporate flight departments and FBOs. The company said the menu of service choices now offerred includes worldwide flight planning, weather information, flight following, voice and data communications, ground handling and global concierge services.

January 22, 2008 - 5:31am

Since the introduction of the enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) in 1996, more than 16,000 airplanes worldwide have been fitted with the Honeywell-manufactured safety device. In that time, the CFIT (controlled flight into terrain) accident rate among aircraft that carry EGPWS has dropped to zero.

January 22, 2008 - 4:48am

The 10-seat Taska, a turboprop derivative of the Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8 Airvan piston single, “is only at the concept stage,” according to Michael Hall, Gippsland marketing director. “I would expect at least 12 months before we have a prototype flying,” he told AIN in February.