United States Environmental Protection Agency

December 19, 2006 - 12:32pm

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued long-awaited final amendments to oil and fuel spill prevention, control and countermeasure (SPCC) rules. Facilities that store oil and fuel must still have SPCC plans implemented by Oct. 31, 2007; however, the EPA proposed an extension to July 1, 2009, for facilities that had SPCC plans amended after July 16, 2002.

November 8, 2006 - 10:40am

One of the greatest concerns for any maintenance operation, the potential problems associated with a hazardous material spill, has become a little less worrisome thanks to the National Air Transportation Association (NATA).

October 19, 2006 - 11:21am

In a letter to all 535 members of Congress, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) highlighted what it calls “costly and ill-conceived provisions” within the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) spill prevention, control and countermeasures (SPCC) rule. NATA president James Coyne called on Congress to stop the EPA from moving forward with the rule in its entirety.

October 17, 2006 - 10:07am

In a letter sent last month to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Air Transportation Association and several other trade groups requested a six-month extension of the compliance deadline of the rules for amending fuel spill-prevention and control plans and an additional six months for final implementation of those plans. Current deadlines are February 17 and August 18 next year, respectively.

October 11, 2006 - 4:52am

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) is calling for FBOs to speak out on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) spill-containment rules for refueling trucks.

September 27, 2006 - 8:47am

Spill prevention, control and containment (SPCC) rules for fuel trucks and fuel farms will be eased significantly under two proposals published last month by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The first proposal extends the compliance date from Aug. 18, 2006, to Oct. 31, 2007, for FBOs and other fueling providers to implement SPCC plans. However, the date for submitting those plans to the EPA remains February 16 next year.

September 26, 2006 - 6:50am

New Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules addressing fuel spill prevention in the form of proposed amendments to the EPA’s Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) program are lauded as a step in the right direction for the aviation industry, according to the National Air Transportation Association (NATA). Still, the FBO trade group contends the agency’s proposal contains a number of unanswered questions.

September 25, 2006 - 8:14am

As expected, the FAA withdrew a delayed final rule that amended the service difficulty reporting (SDR) requirements for air carriers and repair stations. The industry has raised several unresolved issues since the rules were adopted more than five years ago. The amendments would have been effective January 30. Although it withdrew the rule, the agency did adopt several other changes designed to improve the SDR program.

September 19, 2006 - 2:08pm

During a year when non-airline aviation is expected to continue growing to record levels, a number of challenges face those whose service businesses propel the general aviation segment.