December 11, 2006 - 10:12am

The case for twin- versus single-turboprop light transport aircraft is being forcefully argued by Vulcanair, which is relaunching its Viator aircraft here at the Dubai airshow. Convinced that the total fuel burn of two Rolls-Royce 250 B17C engines flat-rated at 328 shp is comparable to that of a larger single turbine in the 600-shp range, the Italian manufacturer believes that performance and safety will tip the scales in its favor.

November 7, 2006 - 7:10am

Bell Agusta

BA609–The Bell Agusta BA609 tiltrotor program is progressing on schedule. On July 13, the second BA609 test aircraft (S/N 60002) performed its first ground run at AgustaWestland’s facility in Cameri, Italy. First flight of this aircraft is pending. S/N 60003 is also at the AgustaWestland facility in Cameri and S/N 60004 is on the assembly line at Bell’s plant in Fort Worth, Texas.

September 25, 2006 - 12:28pm

According to Vulcanair director of sales Remo De Feo, the VF600W Mission is still an active program, though it has been “severely delayed due to a number of factors.” These include a lack of funding to continue planned development of the turboprop single and several unplanned modifications that set back the flight-testing program.

September 12, 2006 - 9:23am