Wind power

Oct 10, 2011 - 2:25 AM
Nexcelle is developing the nacelles for two new engines the GE Passport 20 and the CFM International Leap-X1C.
Jul 28, 2011 - 7:30 AM
The Helitech show, to be held from September 27 to 29 in Duxford, UK, is planning a conference program.
Jun 20, 2011 - 8:40 PM
Cincinnati, Ohio-based <a href="">Nexcelle
Feb 23, 2011 - 4:45 AM
Supporting the burgeoning development of wind farms is the next big growth opportunity in the offshore helicopter transportation market, according to Euroc
Oct 30, 2009 - 6:45 AM
Eurocontrol is warning helicopter operators, especially offshore oil operators, of a potential threat posed by “skysails,” giant kites that help propel som
Dec 15, 2006 - 12:20 PM
Aviation and the environment often appear to be in conflict, sometimes in unpredictable ways.